Sarah Dinsmore Says:  So long for a while....
Excerpts from Sarah to family and friends over the last few days:

Sarah D. Says,

"I just wrote a note to someone about this experience being about love---from others and of myself.  Incredible."

"I know that the gift from this experience is that I'm more loved than I knew.  I feel more love than I've ever felt.  Life is a unpredictable teacher, eh?"

"My spirit is soaring and I have good friends here and daughters Emily and Pamela to help me and they have been beyond wonderful.  Don't worry about me,  just send me your love and see me healed right now."   

"Thank you for reaching out to me.  I know you know how love and support is the true medicine." 

"Truly, I am blessed."

11/8/2010 04:35:10 am

Hello Sarah.

Sending you lots of loving healing wishes from Melbourne, Australia. It was about one year ago I was there sharing Yoga & Meditation with you.

Just a thought... I am wondering if my CD 'A Balanced Life' would be something lovely for you to listen to right now, as it is very healing. Perhaps you could ask Jan if she would lend it to you as she has a copy.

Lots of big 'Pink Bubbles' coming your way from across the oceans down under (ask Jan about this too).

Love and Namaste,
Yolanda xx

Stevey Morris
11/8/2010 03:01:22 pm

Sarah, You already know that you are GIFT to all of us... Sometimes we are not sure why we have been chosen to receive a Gift, because we are not worthy of it. BUT, let me tell you one thing... I have always understood that GOD himself placed you in my life for reasons that I should not understand... But, reasons that would change my life for the better... Thank you GOD, Thank you Sarah! For ever love, Stevey


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    Sarah is a teacher, colleague, life-coach, photographer, friend, and mother.  Sarah has recently been diagnosed with a  high-grade gastric cancer and she needs your help.  


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