Sarah Dinsmore Says:  So long for a while....

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Sarah Dinsmore Spreads Her Wings on December 1, 2010

Dear Friends,

Our gorgeous and free-spirited Sarah passed away this morning in the early hours. She is unfettered now, and dancing her way all the way up to heaven. I know she stopped to twirl for a few moments on the top of the Eiffel Tower.

We love you Sarah and you showed each of us the way to live life to the fullest.  Thank you.

With love to you all,


Sarah Dinsmore Says:

Having cancer isn't stopping me from going forward,
helping others find their way as I find mine.  I love my life right now...

Who is Sarah Dinsmore?

Sarah is a teacher, colleague, life-coach, photographer, friend, and mother.  Sarah has recently been diagnosed with a  high-grade gastric cancer and she needs your help.  

Sarah has spent her life giving so generously of her time and resources over the years that she has saved very little for herself.   She desperately needs help with her crippling bills and medical therapy.  
This site will be her video blog to share her thoughts, dreams, and ideas with the world.  

We, her friends and family ask that if you are touched at all by her story or wisdom, please donate even $1 towards helping our gorgeous Sarah during this difficult time.    Prayers and good wishes are gratefully accepted as well... they are priceless!

All donations of $20 or above will receive an original art photo print of Sarah's work chosen from her photography page. 

Thanks so much for your time and caring,

Sarah's Sweethearts

Thank you so much for
helping our friend Sarah!